Raees Full Movie Watch Online

Raees Full Movie Watch Online, a 2017 Indian Hindi-language Crook drama movie, helmed by director Rahul Dholakia and scripted by means of Harit Mehta, Ashish Vashi, and Niraj Shukla, is a product of Red Chillies Entertainment and Excel Entertainment. The forged consists of Shah Rukh Khan in the eponymous role, alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Mahira Khan, and Sunny Leone. The movie narrates the story of Raees Alam, a mobster who ascended to dominance for the duration of the Eighties prohibition duration in the Indian kingdom of Gujarat.

Raees Full Movie Watch Online

Raees Full Movie Watch Online zee5 emerges as a multifaceted and ethically ambiguous character. He embodies ruthlessness and empathy, pushed through an ambition to be triumphant and help his family, even if it entails bending or breaking the law.

The narrative delves into Raees’s ascent to power, his ongoing conflict in opposition to regulation enforcement, and his final decline. It additionally probes the tricky interplay of faith, politics, and delinquency in India.




Raees Alam (Shah Rukh Khan) hails from an impoverished Muslim region in Gujarat. He shines academically and nurtures bold dreams, however, he is additionally lured into the crook underworld. Raees initiates his profession working for a nearby gangster, rapidly getting to know the artwork of smuggling alcohol into Gujarat, a dry state.

In time, Raees Full Movie Watch Online establishes his enterprise, unexpectedly rising as Gujarat’s principal bootlegger. He acquires popularity as a modern Robin Hood, assisting the downtrodden and impoverished. Nevertheless, his prosperity attracts the interest of regulation enforcement, making him the goal of ACP Jaideep Majumdar (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), an unrelenting and principled police officer.

Majumdar is unwavering in his getting to the bottom of to deliver Raees to justice, however, he encounters persistent limitations stemming from Raees’s affluence, influence, and political connections. Raees additionally enjoys the backing of the nearby Muslim community, who regard him as an image of hope and resistance.

As Raees’s impact expands, his aspirations end up grander. He ventures into politics and harbors aspirations of turning into the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Nonetheless, Raees’s ambitions sooner or later lead to his downfall. He turns into ensnared in a brutal feud with a rival mobster and alienates his political associates.

Ultimately, Raees Full Movie Watch Online is apprehended through Majumdar and charged with murder. He receives an existence sentence, however, he manages to get away and goes underground. Raees sooner or later meets his cease in a shootout with regulation enforcement.

Critical Reception

Raees Full Movie Watch Online HD Dailymotion loved each quintessential acclaim and industrial success. The movie earned rewards for its performances, direction, and script. However, it additionally encountered criticism for its portrayal of violence and its depiction of the Muslim community.

Cultural Impact

Since its release, Raees has advanced into a cult classic. It ranks amongst the most loved Bollywood videos of all time, admired for its actual portrayal of crime and politics in India. The film is additionally attributed to revitalizing the gangster style inside Bollywood.


Raees Full Movie Watch Online HD Hotstar stands as a film of ethical complexity, exploring topics such as the nature of power, the value of family, the position of faith in society, and the perpetuation of violence. It is a well-crafted movie with ambitious performances, and it has received a cult following in the years following its release. Raees full movie watch online HD Filmywap.

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